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Do you have a stressful 8-to-5 job?  Do you struggle to create time to go to the market? Are you frustrated by having to buy stale fruits and vegetables from your local supplier?  Are you abroad and worry about the feeding of your love ones back home?

Worry no more Green Farmlands got you covered with   GREEN BASKET services

Green Basket is an online store where  busy workers in urban cities can conveniently shop for fresh fruit and vegetables from the comfort of their desk or on their mobile phones, saving their time and energy by making them avoid the hassle of crowded and uncomfortable Cameroonian food markets.

Green Basket is also a platform through which persons in the diaspora can spread love to their relatives and friends back home by shopping for fresh fruits and vegetables from our online store and have them delivered at their doorsteps.

Due to your heavy schedule and tight working hours, GREEN BASKET provides an opportunity for you to order Pre-packaged ready -to-cook deliveries with chopped vegetables and spices delivered to you . Making preparing your favorite dish a walk in the park.

What are you waiting for contact us now!!!  Stop worrying about your food supplies.

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