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I have an Android dad. ICT for elders

I have an Android Mom

Can you proudly say that about your parents?

We live in a continuous growing digital economy. With technological advancements quickly ravaging all aspects of our lives. This brings the necessity of basic hands-on ICT Knowledge for all.

The youths easily grasp the Knowledge but the elderly people face a lot of difficulties and take a lot of time to get on deck but aught not to be left behind.

In this fast growing technological era,

Elderly people are becoming more and more unproductive which results to lost of jobs and lost of worth,

Integration into the new world consumed by the consistent development in technology has become a major problem to elderly people,

Elderly people face difficulties being flexible due to their inability to fully utilise electronic gadgets.

The challenges and difficulties faced by elderly people are so numerous which somehow separates them from the rest of the world.


session with Elderlies on how to use ICT tools

Are you tired of seeing your mom or dad being left out of all the entertainment?

If yes, then “ICT FOR ELDERS ” is where you should be going. It is the right place to recommend an elderly person.


A two day workshop that will change you, Your mom, Dad and loved once into Android person’s. The new world is yours to uncover

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