About Us

Increase Yield through Improved Farming

Green Farmlands is a community-based organization designed to revolutionize Cameroon’s agricultural sector. Driven by smallholder’s expressed need to boost their production and productivity in a bid to increase their household income, we not only work to assist smallholder farmers in engaging in sustainable agricultural practices but also understand and influence consumers’ perception and behaviour towards agriculture and agricultural products in a bid to drive their consumption habits and give a new face to Cameroon’s agricultural sector.
We are a Cameroonian Agricultural NGO created in 2015, we have been working through need assessment sessions with the rural community to understand their immediate challenges and design solutions that are of use to those communities. This approach is because we believe each community has unique challenges and can only be sustainable if solutions are tailored to meet their exact need.

At Green Farmlands we believe that when farmers earn more income from their products they can better feed their families, send their children to school, provide for their family’s health and invest in their farms thus making their communities economically stronger and more stable.


Our Objectives

  •  revolutionize Cameroon’s Agricultural Sector.
  •  Produce more climate and pest resistant crops with longer shelf life.
  •  Increase farmers’ production.
  • Increase farmers’ household income.

Our key to success includes;

  • Need Assessment sessions with communities to design solutions tailored to meet their needs.
  •  Farm Field Schools to train farmers on new, improved and adaptable farm techniques.

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