Adopt a Garden is an initiative that aims at making sure no child in Orphanages goes hungry. This project helps orphanages build farms and gardens so that Children in orphanages can have healthy nutrition.

UNICEF and global partners define an orphan as a child under 18 years of age who has lost one or both parents to any cause of death. By this definition, there were nearly 140 million orphans globally in 2015 with over 52 million in Africa.

According to UNICEF 2012 report, Cameroon reported 13000 children orphaned by multiple causes. These children are faced with issues such as hunger, poverty, limited or lack of access to education and medical care. Most orphanages in Cameroon count mostly on grants and donations from individuals during festive seasons for sustainability and have no other source of income generation as such struggle to feed themselves off festive seasons. Recognizing that in early childhood, adequate nutrition is necessary for healthy growth, proper organ formation and function, a strong immune system, and neurological and cognitive development we worry about the well-being of the thousands of children housed in orphanages around the country, who aspire to be leaders of our great nation and it is for this reason that we started the Adopt A Garden initiative.

Orphanages in Cameroon

At Green Farmlands, we are concerned and in our own way, want to help reduce the number of orphans who battle with hunger. Through our Adopt A Garden initiative, we seek to assist orphanages to set up a garden on which they can grow their vegetables throughout the year and be self-sustainable. We determine that No Child Goes Hungry. You can find pictures of some of these types of projects here.

We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give; your donation can make a difference in a child’s life!  JOIN OUR COURSE!

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