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Adopt A Garden

Adopt A Garden

According to UNICEF 2012 report, Cameroon reported 13000 children orphaned by multiple causes such as HIV/AIDS, poverty, and conflict just to name a few. Although much progress has been made since the introduction of the Millennium Development Goals, orphaned children are still exposed to challenges such as hunger, child trafficking, poverty, and recruitment by violent extremism groups, limited access to education and medical care.

Orphanages in Cameroon are highly reliant on grants and donations from individuals which are common during festive seasons, with no clear model for sustainability and in the end tend to struggle with basic needs such as food once the donations dry out. Recognizing that in early childhood, adequate nutrition is necessary for healthy growth, proper organ formation and function, a strong immune system, and neurological and cognitive development it is imperative to worry about the wellbeing of the thousands of children housed in orphanages around the country, who dream and aspire to have a better future hence the Adopt A Garden which aims to orphanages in Cameroon food secured by assisting them with the resources needed to grow their own food and be food secured. Our goal is to achieve zero hunger in orphanages in Cameroon.

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