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The Green Basket

The Green Basket

In Cameroon, agriculture engages an estimated 70% of the economically active population and accounts for an estimated 80% of the primary sector’s contribution to the country’s GDP. In addition, 80% of the food supply is sourced through small scale farming, particularly women who depend on it for a livelihood. Additionally, new dynamics in the global agricultural economy, such as the growth of modern retail and the rise in internet adoption, are providing smallholders with new opportunities to participate in and benefit from market exchanges. Despite this enormous potential, agriculture in Cameroon faces a plethora of challenges as a result of changing economic, environmental, and sociopolitical context, thus compromising the country’s capacity to rely on agriculture to sufficiently nourish its expanding food needs and generate sufficient income for 70% of the population relying on it for a livelihood. It is for these reasons that we are introducing the Green Basket initiative.

The Green Basket initiative aims at linking smallholder farmers to urban markets via an online platform where consumers can shop for fresh groceries from the comfort of their desk and mobile devices. Consumer’s fresh produce demands will be sourced from smallholder farmers in rural regions, transported in cold chains, packaged and distributed to consumers' neighbourhood at our pickup point. It is widely acknowledged that the involvement of small farmers in markets can contribute to higher productivity and income growth, which in turn can enhance food security, poverty reduction efforts, and overall economic growth

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